Tara has an undeniable passion for art. Throughout the many changes in her life, creating art has been the one constant thing that brings her peace. She finds beauty in all things that surround her, even when others see differently. Everything and everyone has a story each just as interesting as the next. This passion has brought her to where she is today; a portrait photographer, a freelance artist and New York State Certified Art Teacher. Tara holds a BA in Visual Arts and Education and a Master's of Science in Instructional Technology. Tara takes numerous photography workshops throughout the year to stay up to date with current trends and safety in photography.

When Tara is not creating art she is spending time with her family. Her children are her World and everything she does is for them. She loves and cherishes each and every moment , including the not so big moments. She finds joy in seeing them laugh, smile, make messes, draw, play and just being themselves... careless and free children. She takes "mental pictures" of all these little moments and holds them close to her heart. The little toes and tiny hands...the long eyelashes and scrapes on the knees..the moments that define childhood and children..the moments she hopes to capture for you and your families. Because Tara feels that "Life is ART"